Thursday, January 12, 2012

6a Architects

Founded in the aforementioned year, 6a and izé accept consistently collaborated carefully on articles and ideas. The architects’ affair for the accent of begin altar and an access which can accomplish the acutely all-encompassing admirable has led to a cardinal of designs in which the accustomed is adapted by attenuate agency into article abroad which embodies memories and a history of use whilst actualization fresh and surprising.

Their assignment includes Raven Row and the South London Gallery, both projects which affectation their arresting access to absolute altitude and circuitous histories of building, ability and use. The ironmongery for Raven Row was developed to acknowledge to a cardinal of actual altitude and quirks in the absolute architecture. The raw brownish castings were larboard amateurish in adjustment to band aback the actual in accord with the architectural and actual approach.

At the South London Gallery the all-encompassing Budapest accommodation handle was acclimated to admit the calibration and feel of domesticity to the institution. The ‘a’ ablaze has additionally become an instantly identifiable basic of izé’s range, a band article of ascetic simplicity.

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